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Two way radios essential for camping, hiking, skiing or climbing holidays

16 December 2009

Put your mind at ease and keep in touch with your group with two way walkie talkie radio solutions from Wall to Wall.

If you are planning an activity holiday, staying in touch with your friends or family whilst camping, hiking, climbing or skiing can be a real pain, as mobile phone reception in rural areas is often temperamental at best. However, communication is vital for your safety and that of your party. It can also provide the opportunity for much more fun.

So, if you don’t want to lose contact with your buddies across a valley or up a cliff you need to think about which method of communication will work best for you. Considering the substantial drawbacks of mobile phones in terms of network coverage, battery life and call cost, two-way radios are a viable alternative.

Two way radios provide a cost effective, reliable and robust solution. They do not require a line rental and are much more durable than mobile phones. They offer weather proof communications and are really easy to use. The best way to choose a model is to seek advice from a two way radio communications supplier like Wall to Wall Communications.

Wall to Wall Communications are able to advise you on the best type of radio for your particular trip, taking into consideration the terrain and the range required. We would most likely recommend the HYT 518 or the Opus T1, these radios couple compact, robust and functional design with ease of use, making them ideal for people who have limited experience of radio communications equipment.

They are also a perfect way for parents to keep in touch with young teens, or teachers to keep tabs on groups of students on field trips. If you require increased power and range, the Icom IC-F215 has wide frequency coverage and is also extremely robust being designed to withstand serious industrial use. These radios, among others which can be found on our website, provide instant communications with your group. Wall to Wall Communications can provide advice tailored for your specific needs and are always happy to help. We are dealers or direct agents for all of the leading radio manufacturers including Motorola, Icom, HYT, Kenwood and Opus.

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