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11 October 2012

Wall to Wall Communications is to supply and install a bespoke digital two way radio system for the Coventry Half Marathon.

Wall to Wall Radio Communications is proud to be involved with the 2012 Decathlon Coventry Half Marathon and Coventry Telegraph Fun Run taking place in Coventry next Sunday, 14th October.

Gaining popularity in the industry in supplying bespoke radio comms systems for both charity runs and marathon events (see Olympic Torch Bearing Run and Sussex Triathlon Bike Ride) Wall to Wall Radio Communications was approached, by referral, to design a digital radio system capable of working in all areas of the run to offer seamless communications.

The complexity of the system has shown our expertise in building the communications around the clients – a wish list to include secure connection between all stewards, medical teams, management and organisers.

Previous years have been stressful for the client using analogue equipment supplied “off the shelf” by another supplier. This year the radio system that our engineers have designed to deliver is digital and top of the class with multiple channels programmed into groups. The radio system comprises of Hytera PD705 and Hytera PD785 digital display hand portables and digital repeaters (Hytera RD985) along with infrastructure antennas.

Many event organisers have chosen, within the last couple of years, to migrate from analogue to digital walkie-talkies when managing the footfall, utilising all benefits that digital radio equipment offers with clearer and distinctive audio quality, extended coverage and the best feature for loud background environment – the noise cancelling facilities of the equipment.

This year, the marathon will incorporate, for the first time, a new “4-leg” relay challenge (total length of 13.1 miles / 21 km), which will give participants the choice to run only the part that suits them. The average length of each section is 3.2 miles but the last one, called “the glory leg” is expected to be the most popular, as runners will be heavily cheered by the crowd.

With the Olympics just behind us, many people are now more enthused to join in and run for charity, keeping fit into the bargain. Not to miss an opportunity, Becky Jeffries - our very own Senior Account Manager and her friend Jackie Lamont have chosen to participate, in preparation for the Brighton Marathon in April next year.

We are proud of you, Becky! Good luck!

More than 2000 runners are expected to gather on the streets of Coventry. So, hurry-up! There are still spaces available (event starts at 9:00 in the morning but deadline to sign-up is midnight on Wednesday, 10th October). Take part in the main marathon or one of the events alongside it! - The Family Fun Run, The Charity Run or The Team Relay.

Our Hytera radios will be linking all running sections of the marathon route providing quality and reliable means of communication between all staff (including special programming for medical emergencies).

Our experience from having supplied for multiple events of similar type, confirms the industry trend that digital two-way radio communications equipment is the way forward in event planning and crowd management.

With extended signal coverage and clarity of voice in noisy environments, why choose anything other than Hytera Digital Radio Equipment and Wall to Wall Radio Communications.

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