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Optex Redwave Detectors put Marshalls Dealerships in the Driving Seat

10 December 2008

Innovative Redwave external intruder detection technology from Optex Europe, leaders in detection technology, is playing an essential role in increasing security and virtually eliminating false alarms at a number of Marshalls automotive dealerships in Pete


The Marshalls Jaguar, Range Rover and Volvo showrooms, all part of the Premier Automotive Group (PAG), were the first dealerships in the country to trial the new Redwave technology, which is especially designed to be BS8418 compliant and combat the three major headaches associated with outdoor detection: repetitive movement – from objects such as trees, flags, advertising bunting etc; small animals – including insects flying in front of the detector; and ‘over-ranging’ – alarms triggered by activity such as passing vehicles.


Theft and petty vandalism are the two main issues faced by car showrooms that have now been almost entirely removed according to the Dealer Principal for PAG, Gary Long: “The new security technology allows us to get on with our business without having to be concerned with security. The problem of false alarms has been eliminated and we are assured that our site is completely secure.”

In addition to using passive infrared (PIR) and microwave technology as in conventional combination detectors, Redwave detectors have Adjustable Microwave Range Limiter (AMRL) technology that allows users to adjust the detection distance, and a Dual Quad Zone Logic (DQZL) PIR that uses two PIR detectors to increase detection density and eliminate undetectable areas.


With conventional outdoor combination detectors, microwave transmission distances are not easily adjusted, resulting in many false alarms being triggered from outside the detection area. AMRL technology incorporated within Redwave, however, enables installers to choose the real detection distance required with a dial setting that offers seven, five metre intervals between zero and 30 metres.


REDWAVE also uses two, vertically configured PIR detectors that create two different, highly dense detection areas, one near and one far. The dual coverage essentially eliminates dead detection spots, preventing the likelihood of ‘missed’ alarms. Furthermore, the sensitivity of each area can be adjusted separately.


Each PIR uses Quad Zone Logic providing multi-segmented detection zones throughout the detection area and an alarm signal base on the cumulative energy of each zone. This greatly reduces false alarms, particularly those caused by sudden small temperature changes from light reflections or small animals.


REDWAVE detectors were specified by the installer, Guardian Security & Communications Ltd (formerly Shadow Security), because of their previous positive experience with other products within the REDWALL range. They also wanted products that could be installed above the standard mounting height of 2.4 metres so they would not interfere with the aesthetics of the showroom, and more importantly put them out of reach of potential vandals.


“Working closely with the project architects, we designed a system around a ‘virtual’ perimeter, with the detectors looking inwards towards the site, rather than outward from the main buildings wherever possible,” explains Brian Hodges, Guardian’s Managing Director. “That way we were already designing out many of the typical causes of false alarms, and focusing our efforts on detecting intruder activity where the real threat lies, within the site.”


If an intruder should enter one of the dealerships, and be ‘seen’ by one of the 16 fixed and/or dome cameras and 30+ detectors, then an alarm is automatically triggered. Images are recorded on-site, but also transmitted within seconds to a dedicated Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC).

Operators at the RVRC can therefore see the incident as it happens, and determine what action needs to be taken. It might be that they use the audio link to warn the intruder he is being watched; it might be to call the police, in which case they can verify the alarm is genuine and provide the police with an accurate description of the intruder; or it might be that the ‘intruder’ has a legitimate reason for being on-site, in which case assistance can be given and no further action is required.

Since the successful trial at the Boongate car dealerships, Guardian has also specified the REDWAVE detectors at other Marshalls sites, as well as MOD installations in Cambridge and Mildenhall with over 50 dome cameras and Redwall detectors.”

“We only want to work with products that are proven in the field, and where the manufacturers provide us with support when we need it most,” Brian continues. “On this installation, we were able to call upon the services of Optex Europe to help fine tune the sensors and work with us in the commissioning process. It is our reputation on the line, and we cannot afford, both literally and metaphorically, to be called out because the product is faulty. 100% reliability is of course Utopia, but working with Optex Europe we get as close to 100% reliability as possible.”

Redwall has been the market leader in outdoor PIR detectors for use in CCTV systems for more than 10 years. Their rugged design and unrivalled detection capability have made them the choice of detector for security installers around the globe and due to their high levels of reliability, the Redwall range is recommended by nearly all of the leading UK monitoring stations.

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