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Perrys drives new security strategy

18 December 2007

Perrys drives new security strategy using innovative detection technology from Optex

Perrys Motor Group has found a way of dramatically reducing false alarms that are a perennial problem in protecting outdoor environments by deploying innovative Redwall® external detection technology from Optex Europe. The detectors are part of an integrated BS8418 CCTV-based solution specified, implemented and managed by Farsight, the Peterborough-based video monitoring business.

Perrys has adopted a strategic approach to its security, with a structured solution that can be implemented across the 27 dealerships and 37 franchises that make up the group. Common to each of the premises is on-site digital recording of all cameras, Redwall® detection technologies, and an audio link to warn intruders that they are being watched.

If an intruder should enter a site, the Redwall® detector triggers an alarm. Images are recorded on-site, but also transmitted within seconds via Perrys own corporate network (using a VPN secure high-speed link) to Farsight’s dedicated Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC).

Operators at the RVRC can therefore see the incident as it happens, and determine what action needs to be taken. It might be that they use the audio link to warn the intruder that he is being watched; it might be to call the police, in which case they can verify that the alarm is genuine and provide the police with an accurate description of the intruder; or it might be that the ‘intruder’ has a legitimate reason for being on-site in which case assistance can be given and no further action is required.

Redwall® has been the market leader in outdoor PIR detectors for use in CCTV systems for over 10 years. Their rugged design and unrivalled detection capability have made them the choice of detector for security installers around the globe and due to their high levels of reliability, the Redwall® range is recommended by nearly all of the leading UK monitoring stations.

The Redwall® range’s rugged design makes them suitable for use in almost any environment, with added Optex patented technology making them more resistant to environmental effects which can cause false or missed alarm activations. The detector’s coverage patterns are designed to perfectly match commonly used camera/lens combinations as instructed by the new BS8418 standard.

Farsight’s Les Ramsden says: “We specify passive Redwall® detectors from Optex because they are proven in even the most testing environments. False alarms are a very real concern, so having detectors that are reliable and dependable is key if you do not want to be taken off police response. Optex also provides good support on the ground should an issue occur, working closely with installers and training them so that the get the maximum benefit from the technology.”

Perrys Motor Group Managing Director Ray Sommerville added: “Since working with Farsight there have not been any major incidents on any of our sites where the Optex detection technology is installed. We now have a consistent approach that we envisage will deliver better security at or sites, and real operational benefits.”

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