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Optex detectors keep watch over Brunels' SS Great Britain

25 August 2009

A security system incorporating Optex Redwall detectors is protecting the historic ship, the SS Great Britain, from the threat of vandalism and fire.

Installed by Bristol-based Cannon Security, the security system consists of an integrated system of passive infrared Optex REDWALL 404 (PIR) detectors, cameras and a live audio speaker warning system installed on and around the vessel, with images that are transmitted to a remote monitoring station.

The detectors pick up any activity on the shipyard such as an attempt to climb on board out-of-hours and generate an alarm. The cameras then transmit images of the incident to a remote video response centre, where skilled operators can see what is happening in real time and take appropriate action.

Andy Hughes, project manager at Cannon Security, explains, "When designing the security system for the SS Great Britain, it became apparent from the nature of the site that the best detectors would be required. We have used Optex on several other projects and they perform as expected, with very few false alarms."

Super REDWALL® 404 sensors are specifically designed for use in small to medium sized external areas, standard 404 have a detection area of 40m x 4m. Their rugged construction and reliable operation make them ideal for use as motion sensors in CCTV applications. The areas of coverage have been designed to match common camera and lens combinations. The inclusion of dual sensors and processors plus high and medium sensitivity settings results in a full specification sensor for the smaller installation. The metal housing of the sensors provides a stable environment for the detection electronics.

Andy continued; "Since we installed the Optex REDWALL 404 detectors we have not had to return to site and we are very impressed with them."

Nigel Hackett, Sales Director for Optex Europe concludes; "The SS Great Britain is one of the jewels in the British maritime history and protecting it from any damage be it from fire or vandals is imperative. I am delighted that REDWALL detectors are helping to keep this vital historic ship in pristine condition for future generations to enjoy."

Designed by the 19th Century engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the SS Great Britain was an advanced Atlantic liner commissioned for the Great Western Steamship Companys' Bristol-New York service. In 1970, the vessel was returned to the Bristol dry dock where she was first built. The SS Great Britain now attracts more than 150,000 visitors annually and is a key part of Britains' rich maritime history.

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