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Optex Detectors save building contractor money during tough times

18 December 2009

A building contractor blighted by break-ins, turned to a Optex Europe for a CCTV solution comprising Optex detectors, which paid off by catching a thief in the act.

Specified and installed by Scunthorpe based Eyewatch Security, within a month of being fitted, the system had paid back the initial cost, by preventing a teleporter being stolen.

Managing Director of GS Kelsey Limited, Building Contractors, Andrew Kelsey explained;

"We have been ram raided and had a few break-ins in the past, where thousands of pounds worth of plant were stolen. We initially started using manned patrols, but this proved to be very expensive. Dean Bolton of Eyewatch Security recommended Optex BoundaryGard detectors as part of a new CCTV system that initially monitored the gates, using wire free beams, and the compound where everything is stored. As the site has grown and buildings gone up, Dean has added more detectors to monitor the entire site including the offices."

The new CCTV system, relying on six Optex VX402 and two BX80N BoundaryGard detectors, transmits images to the remote monitoring centre at Eyewatch¹s HQ. When an alarm was triggered recently, a guard sent by Eyewatch Security, caught the thief red-handed.

Andrew continued;

"A £20,000 teleporter could have been stolen that night, but thanks to the detectors and the guards' intervention he was stopped. The Optex BoundaryGard detectors are clearly working extremely well ­ Dean¹s advice and the system he installed has already performed the job it was designed for."

Managing Director of Eyewatch Security, Dean Bolton, says that he specifies Optex detectors on all projects following the success in preventing several break-ins;

"This is not the first time one of our systems has prevented equipment being stolen and damage being done to a premises. Whenever we design a new CCTV system for a customer, it always includes Optex detectors as standard as we believe they provide the highest reliability and lowest false alarm rates."

The BX-80N suits almost all outdoor applications because it combines two PIRs, creating extra high immunity against false alarms caused by small animals, cars, and other outdoor disturbances. A selectable piezo buzzer can alert intruders and also serves as a convenient walk test indicator. This unit is designed to detect movement of an intruder and activate an alarm control panel.

Paul Nicholas, Sales Manager for Optex Europe concluded;

"Plant machinery is among the most commonly stolen items from premises like Kelseys' Building Sites - the cost of replacing it and the disruption to business can run into tens of thousands of pounds. The BX80N creates a multi-layered, horizontal barrier that detects intruders and sounds the alarm before they actually break in and just one BX-80N can protect an area up to 24m across, as has been proven on Kelseys' building site."

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