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Optex Redscan wins industry Security Innovation of the Year award

01 December 2009

Optex Europe, leaders in detection technology, has scooped the prestigious Innovation of the Year award at the Security Excellence Awards 2009, beating off nine of its peers.

It picked up the prize for the excellence of its REDSCAN LS-3060, a laser scan device that can detect a moving objects' size, speed and distance and process that information with a unique algorithm, resulting in high-reliability detection of intruders with minimal false alarms. The Award follows only a few days after the same product was Highly Commended in the Detektor International Awards in Sweden.Takuya Okamoto, Optex Europes' Managing Director said;³We are delighted that the excellence of our technology, and the innovation shown by our engineers, is receiving the recognition it deserves through these prestigious awards.²When mounted vertically, the LS-3060 creates a 60-metre detection area that functions like an invisible wall. With four outputs for remote video applications and four truly programmable detection areas linked with these outputs, the LS-3060 is the ideal detector for controlling pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ ) cameras.If sited horizontally, the LS-3060 creates a detection area with a radius of 30-metres and an arc of 180º. The detection area can be set manually or automatically. If the automatic setting is used, the detector will set the proper detection area even the most challenging area shapes.Optex Europes' Divisional Sales Director Nigel Hackett said;³REDSCAN is a sophisticated next-generation outdoor detector that streamlines video monitoring and dramatically reduces installation costs. Set up is extremely easy, and the ability to control the depth of the detection area allows installers to set Œvirtual¹ perimeters and prevent false alarms from movement outside of the detection Œzone¹.³This makes it ideal for high end security applications where the need is to detect intruders within a defined area, and ignore activity beyond a specific perimeter. What is particularly innovative,² Nigel continues, ³is the ability to set four adjustable detection areas for PTZ camera control and Œtrack¹ an intruder around a site.³This automatic tracking capability greatly reduces the workload of operators at the remote video response centre and therefore achieves our goal of supporting the RVRC and improving the efficiency of a video monitoring service.²The technology inherent within the new REDSCAN LS-3060 is housed within a hard plastics casing designed to withstand violent attacks, as well as detecting less aggressive but equally damaging tampering with the product set-up. The device is designed to work in extreme weather environments, from -20 to +60 degrees celcius.

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