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18 December 2007

Optex detectors bring new levels of detection and false alarm reduction to motor dealerships

One of the oldest and most well-respected motor dealerships is using innovative external REDWAVE detection technology from Optex Europe, specified and installed by local specialists Reay Security, to protect a number of its trading sites throughout the north east.

In keeping with many such establishments, the need to protect vehicles overnight from damage or theft is paramount. Being outside, however, there are issues with wildlife, adverse weather conditions, advertising bunting etc triggering alarms which are by definition ‘false’, and potentially therefore impacting on police response. Keeping false alarms to a minimum, whilst being sure that ‘real’ intruders are detected, was the task given to Reay Security, who in turn recommended Optex Europe’s REDWAVE Detectors.

“We chose Optex because its detectors perform even in the most demanding environments,” explains Steve Lawrence, Senior Engineer at Reay Security. “They have a better build quality than competitive systems, and are physically robust which adds to their reliability. Set-up is also easy,” he continues. “The detectors can be programmed to do exactly what you require, and as they can now be mounted up to four metres, they can detect over far greater distances. It also keeps them out of the way from potential vandals.”

REDWAVE detectors have been designed specifically to counter the three major headaches for installers, remote monitoring centres, and end-users associated with false alarms in outdoor detection: repetitive movement – ie from objects such as trees, flags, advertising bunting etc; small animals – from foxes and other mammals to insects flying in front of the detector; and ‘over-ranging’ – alarms triggered by activity (eg from passing vehicles) beyond the perimeter being protected.

In addition to using passive infrared (PIR) and microwave technology as in conventional combination detectors, REDWAVE also has Adjustable Microwave Range Limiter (AMRL) technology that allows users to adjust the detection distance, and a Dual Quad Zone Logic (DQZL) PIR that uses two PIR detectors to increase detection density and eliminate undetectable areas.

With conventional outdoor combination detectors, microwave transmission distances are not easily adjusted, resulting in many false alarms being triggered from outside the detection area. AMRL technology incorporated within REDWAVE, however, enables installers to choose the real detection distance required with a dial setting that offers seven, five meter intervals between zero and 30 meters.

REDWAVE also uses two, vertically configured PIR detectors that create two different, highly dense detection areas, one near and one far. The dual coverage essentially eliminates dead detection spots, preventing the likelihood of ‘missed’ alarms. Furthermore, the sensitivity of each area can be adjusted separately.

Each PIR uses Quad Zone Logic providing multi-segmented detection zones throughout the detection area and an alarm signal base on the cumulative energy of each zone. This greatly reduces false alarms, particularly those caused by sudden small temperature changes form light reflections or small animals.

The result is a detector with false alarm reduction properties second to none as Steven Reay, Reay Security’s Managing Director confirms: “The reliability and detection performance of this new technology is superb. We are now using Optex technology both internally and externally not just in car dealerships, but also in other difficult environments such as construction sites, industrial units, coal mines, and the Harbour Master offices.”

Optex detectors come with comprehensive instruction manuals that Steve Lawrence describes as being “more than sufficient for any engineer at any level,” although further training and installation support is also available if required.

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