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09 July 2009

Bruel & Kjaer UK service centre launch online tracking tool

Global sound and vibration equipment leader, Bruel and Kjaer UK has launched an interactive tracking tool, so customers can instantly check the progress of their instruments whilst in for service or repair. Run via Bruel and Kjaer UK’s website ( this new facility offers free collection of products for calibration - from anywhere in the UK - and provides a tracking number which can be used to make a direct check on the status, whereabouts and return date of equipment throughout its service. The tracking tool joins a host of standard service benefits on offer to customers including: Pre Calibration Inspection tests to ensure items are fit for calibration, free minor repairs during calibration and access to loan instruments. Bruel and Kjaer operates a flexible service range, allowing customers to make individual purchases or combine a variety of requests into a single service agreement. “Developed to simplify service procedures and give customers more control over their equipment, the tracking tool is a typical example of Bruel and Kjaer UK’s expert service range, which has continually developed over the 25 years the company has been in the calibration business,” said Business Development Manager, Jong-Bo Kim. “It’s these practical, customer-focused qualities which set us apart from other service suppliers.” Bruel & Kjaer UK’s Calibration Laboratory offers UKAS accredited calibration conforming to the demands of a wide range of customers. Accreditation is approval given by an official authority to a calibration laboratory. To obtain this approval, the calibration laboratory is subject to an in-depth assessment with respect to both formal Quality Management controls and technical competency. The assessment is carried out in accordance with internationally accepted standards, for example the ISO 17025 standard. The international acceptance is obtained through multinational mutual agreements.

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