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Volker Fitzpatrick on the right track

27 October 2009

Bruel & Kjaer new noise level monitoring system to assist with road project.

Noise disturbance from a road lowering project in Stratford is no longer a concern for residents, as the contractor plans to use a new noise monitoring tool to regulate the sound levels during construction. The 1.5 million pound bridge/road lowering job, in Warton Rd, London (near to the brand new Olympic park development) is to allow delivery lorries and service vehicles access to a new Westfield Shopping centre, currently being built in Stratford.

To provide vehicles access to the Westfield service roads, the road at Warton Rd Rail Bridge is to be lowered by one metre. The project is being handled by Volker Fitzpatrick, one of the UKs' largest, privately owned, multidisciplinary contractors and to ensure compliance with regards to noise levels associated with their groundworks, the company is using a noise monitoring solution from Bruel & Kjaer UK, called 3655-A. Based on Bruel & Kjaers' award-winning 2250 Light sound analyser and outdoor microphone 4952, the 3655-A is a portable, stand-alone unit for monitoring broadband sound levels.

It provides Type approved Class 1 measurements, including unique automatic windscreen correction, together with a 110 dB dynamic range, ensuring correct measurement of all noise levels and remote verification of the entire measurement chain, using the patented Charge Injection Calibration (CIC).

Leah Gilfrin, Environmental Manager for the Civil Engineering and Rail Divisions of Volker Fitzpatrick (pictured) said;

“Functionality, cost effectiveness, reliability and support, were all major factors in our decision making process when deciding on which noise monitoring system we were to purchase. We chose the B&K 3655-A system as it ticked all our boxes and gives us increased confidence in the accuracy of our measurements”.

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