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Wheelabrator provide effective surface praparation solutions for shipyard

09 September 2009

Wheelabrator develops and perfects automated cleaning and coating systems for large sized, heavy plates and structural steel following continued opportunities within the Shipyard industry.

Wheelabrators' global base of customers regularly use the companies equipment to blast clean, impart a surface profile, paint and cure, to assure corrosion protection on such components.

The Altrincham based surface preparation specialists understand the critical nature of the Ship building steel coating process. Multiple, strategically positioned airless, centrifugal blast wheel units clean all areas of steel plates and profiles to remove rust and mill scale prior to coating. Brush-off and blow-off systems remove residual abrasive from the parts and prevent their entry into the coating chamber. Paint guns, mounted on high-speed, automatic reciprocators coat the parts with weldable, zinc-based primer to facilitate storage without the threat of corrosion. Such systems are classified by Wheelabrator as Preservation Lines (PRL series).

Wheelabrator Plate and Structural machines are available to handle a range of work up to 15 ft. wide plate and 18” high structural steel. Larger and smaller part dimensions can also be accommodated with minor modifications.

Wheelabrator EZEFIT® and AutoBlast® centrifugal blast wheels contribute to increased productivity resulting in line speeds as high as 20 feet per minute with the right combination of motor HP. These machines are commonly integrated into Wheelabrator Preservation Lines.

When the size of a fabricated assembly makes it impractical for automated blast cleaning and coating, Wheelabrator Airblast and Paint Rooms provide the optimum solution. These rooms are configured for single or multiple operators. Different styles of work flow can be configured based on material flow at individual customer locations. Airblast and Paint rooms are properly illuminated and ventilated with Wheelabrator Dust Collectors, as per commonly accepted codes such as ACGIH and OSHA. Wheelabrator engineers can also design work handling systems such as powered and manual work cars to convey the parts.

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