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MABS Cleans up with Wheelabrator Machine

20 March 2008

Aircraft part manufacturer Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems (MABS) is greasing the wheels of change, by switching from trichloroethylene, to safer, more environmentally responsible cleaning methods with a Wheelabrator spray wash machine.

MABS will use the new multi-stage front loading equipment to degrease complex aircraft parts, used in braking systems, prior to plating and painting.


Paul Mitchell, equipment sales manager at market leading surface preparation experts Wheelabrator Group, said: “We’re delighted to be helping MABS switch to aqueous cleaning methods. Front loading machines are simple to use and ideal for batch processing, making them a perfect fit with Meggitt’s requirements and factory set-up.”


Prior to investing in the new machine, MABS used trichloroethylene, more commonly known as trike, as a vapour degreaser.


With its use being curtailed by the Solvents Emissions Directive which now affects all countries in the EU, the Health and Safety Executive suggests trike, or replacement solvents should no longer be considered in light of aqueous processes – which use the safest solvent of all – water – in degreasing all types of engineered components.

Mr Mitchell said: “Aqueous cleaning methods are not only better for the environment, but also safer for staff involved in the degreasing stage of Meggitt’s manufacturing operation.


“During the selection process we invited MABS to run a number of trials at our Surface Technology Centre in Birmingham. This enabled us to refine and agree the exact specification of the machine required and demonstrate the high quality finish aqueous cleaning provides.”


Coventry-based MABS is a leading provider of high technology solutions to the aerospace industry, serving a range of customers from aircraft manufacturers to airlines and operators. The braking systems department designs, develops and manufactures carbon composite brakes, braking systems and lightweight alloy wheels.


Wheelabrator Group owns, designs, manufactures and provides wheelblast, airblast and vibratory mass finishing equipment for surface preparation and cleaning, and serves a variety of sectors, including the aerospace and automotive industries. Further information can be found at


For product enquiries or to arrange a visit to Wheelabrator Group’s Surface Technology Centre, please contact: Brian Rodgers, sales manager, Wheelabrator Group, on 0161 928 6388 or

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