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Wheelabrator Increases Flow Efficiency For Flogas

20 March 2008

Flogas, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Liquid Petroleum Gas, is enjoying increased quality and production rates, improved efficiency and reduced outsourcing at its Staveley gas cylinder refurbishing plant, thanks to a new wheelblast machine from surf

Following a three way tender process, Flogas chose Wheelabrator Group to supply a new diablo conveyor wheelblast machine so all cylinder refurbishment could take place in-house.


Prior to the Wheelabrator installation, Flogas cylinders in need of grit blasting would be outsourced to a third party and refurbished off site. They are now able to manage the entire refurbishment process on one site, making it easier to control and increasing overall production rates.


Simon Eldridge, cylinder supply chain manager at Flogas said: “With refurbishment now taking place on-site the process is streamlined, and more time and cost effective. The introduction of our new procedure has seen speed; efficiency and production increase by more than 20 percent.


“We chose Wheelabrator Group because of its service reputation, market knowledge, proven machine innovation and tried and tested equipment solutions. It has allowed us to achieve improved quality standards and take full control of our process.


“Producing a professional product reinforces our service message, which is why investments of this nature are key contributions to the ongoing success of Flogas.”

Cylinders are now processed through the roller conveyor machine, which removes old paint, previous zinc coatings and any rust on the surface. The steel is left clean and ready for the new zinc application. Once completed, the cylinder is safe to go back into circulation for up to another 15 years.


Rob Goodwin, UK field sales manager at Wheelabrator Group, said: “The requirements and timescales from the customer were very specific. We commissioned the machine to include a diablo mechanism to rotate the cylinders as they pass through, providing maximum cleaning capabilities, and an automated loading and unloading facility to maintain high levels of production efficiency. The client’s expectations on timings were also met, with the machine delivered on time and to schedule.


“Roller machines are ideal for providing continuous and increased production flow. Once up and running they require very little operator interaction allowing labour to be allocated more effectively. With the introduction of this new blast equipment, Flogas is now seeing one cylinder being cleaned every thirty seconds.”


For product enquiries or to arrange a visit to Wheelabrator Group’s Surface Technology Centre, please contact: Brian Rodgers, sales manager, Wheelabrator Group, on 0161 928 6388 or


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