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Charity insurance experts explain why charities are becoming twits

06 October 2009

Charities are having to work even harder to gain donations and promote their cause. NCi looks at online promotion for charities.

Do you know a twit from a twitter? With the social networking site twitter hitting the headlines due to many celebrity users, businesses of all types are now looking to twitter and networking sites to promote their services. Here, Northern Counties Insurance Brokers looks at what charities are doing to help raise awareness and funds in the modern world.

In a famous advertising campaign for British Telecom in the UK, actor Bob Hoskins proclaimed that it was "good to talk" and with the explosion of mobile phone technology in the past decade, it seems many parts of the world have become communication addicts.

From paging and texting to emailing and twittering, the way in which we communicate with family, friends and business to business has changed dramatically. This combined with the financial turmoil we have seen in the past couple of years means that businesses of all types are having to think of different ways to communicate with existing and potential clients.

The non-profit making sector and charities are no different in this respect as due to reduced funding, they are having to communicate with a new breed of donor and potential donor. E-mail marketing has had a bad press recently due to Spam and with the new telephone regulations, many consumers are adverse to receiving marketing text messages on their mobile phones.

So what is the best way for charities to promote their cause and get their message in front of potential donors? Television advertising, radio advertising and direct mail are all great but equally, they can all be expensive. At a time when charities are looking to cut costs, these are probably are not the cost effective way to spend time and money. One way which some charities are looking to get across their message is by using social networking sites like facebook and more recently, twitter.

Very often their message can be seen by hundreds and thousands of people for minimal cost and equally as good is that the message could be seen when potential customers are relaxed at home on their computers and with their credit card and bank details close to hand. The truth is, charities need to cut costs and whilst they could do this by using a charity insurance broker for their charity liability insurance or by negotiating with other service providers, smarter spending of their marketing budget could help them out and make sure they become twitters and not twits.

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