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How much should nurseries be paying for insurance?

14 October 2009

NCi looks at the costs involved for nurseries when it comes to purchasing nursery insurance.

As more parents simply have to work rather than stay at home with their children, nurseries and pre-schools are becoming increasingly popular. Both existing nurseries and people considering setting up their own nursery will already have a lot to think about. From staffing and maintaining premises to marketing and actually get places filled. Clearly as well as love for children and a desire to make a difference in their learning years, as a business owner, making money will also be a priority.

As nursery insurance is one of the larger expenses a nursery might incur after staffing costs. The truth is there is no magic figure or formula for calculating what you will be expected to pay but here are just some of the things insurance companies take into account when quoting a nursery along with just a few things you should consider when looking for cover. 

Some of the most obvious rating factors include the size of your nursery, how many children you have, your location and your previous claims experience. As the owner of a nursery you might not have a great deal of control over some of these things but here are a few things you could be doing to help you when searching for your policy. 

The first thing you should perhaps consider is that not all insurance brokers are the same. Whilst the insurance industry might have a reputation for all companies pretty much being the same, the truth is there are insurance brokers around who specialize in providing nursery insurance and therefore there is every chance you could get more cover, for less money, by using them as opposed to using your local insurance broker or going direct with an insurance company.

To find a nursery insurance specialist, simply visit a search engine like Google or Yahoo and type in a phrase like nursery insurance or nursery insurance brokers and see who appears. Likewise, you could look through a copy of the nursery buyers guide to see if the same companies appear. It is probably safe to say that if a company appears online and in the guide, they are likely to specialize and more importantly, they are likely to help.

The great thing about using an insurance broker who does specialize in nursery business insurance is that as well as the money they could save you, there is every chance you could actually get expert advice and guidance which could result in you actually getting more cover for less money. It is also possible that you could get cover and services from them that you simply would not be able to get with a normal broker.

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