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12 August 2010

A once expensive and exclusive luxury more commonly associated with the rich and famous, bathroom TVs are fast shedding their sense of exclusivity as the price for purchase and installation continues to fall.

Nowadays, almost anyone with a big enough bathroom can enjoy the luxury afforded by a bathroom TV.

Why Can’t I Put a Normal TV in My Bathroom?

While you can easily mount a normal TV in your bathroom, this would cause many problems. Not only is there the pressing danger of electrocuting yourself when you press a button on the TV in the moist environment of your bathroom, there is also the issue of damage that your TV will suffer while in such a moist environment. Many TVs will be unwatchable owing to the condensation which will form on their screens.

TVs Specially Designed for Bathroom Environments

Bathroom TVs – that is, TVs specifically designed for your bathroom – cater for all the issues that could arise from installing a normal television in your bathroom. They are specially sealed to prevent moisture from entering their insides and causing damage to their circuits.
Most bathroom TVs will have heated screens to protect the screen from condensation, meaning that you can soak in the hottest of baths and still watch your favourite shows, enjoying the clarity of a normal TV screen. Most bathroom TVs come complete with waterproof remote controls, meaning you can flick through channels from the comfort of your bath.


You should always consider if your bathroom is suited to a television before installing one. If you cannot install one which can be viewed comfortably from your bath or shower, there might be little point in installing one at all, and it could end up sitting there, rarely being used at all.

Bathroom TVs tend to suit larger bathrooms better, as you have more scope to install your TV in a place where it will be viewed best. You can even get very fashionable screens that, under direct light, can be used as mirrors, but in the absence of light become TV screens for your viewing pleasure. Such screens are ideal above sinks, and their versatility means they take up less of your precious bathroom space.

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