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Modular, Efficient, Secure and Green; the New Socomec Modulys UPS

11 January 2011

Socomec UPS, a leader in ad hoc solutions for Data Centers and with many years of experience in modular installations,

announces Modulys Green Power, a modular UPS solution, maximising all the benefits of the Green Power range with heightened flexibility.

The new modular Green Power UPS is designed for complete vertical and horizontal modularity, so is ideal for use in Data Centre / IT / Medical / Broadcast applications (delete as appropriate). Achieving power scaling by simply plugging new power modules (maximum of 6) into the modular UPS system, the modules come in 20 kVA power and can be scaled up to 240 kVA (12 modules) with two coupled modular systems. Battery capacity can be scaled in the same way in response to the data center’s autonomy requirements, with up to 120 minutes at full load.

The modular UPS guarantees unbeatable energy efficiency - certified 96% (TÜV SÜD) in true on-line, three phase, double conversion mode. Complete with high power density, a totally versatile redundant modular architecture for both power and batteries and with exceptional vertical and horizontal scalability.

The units feature a redundant architecture employing parallel plug-in modules. So when a new power/battery module is plugged in, the system automatically self-configures to bring the new capacity on line.

With real-time hot swap functionality, module maintenance is simplified, fast and safe, avoiding any risk of downtime without the aid of specialist staff. Enabling total front access to all components, MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) is reduced to a minimum. The UPS also benefits from a reduced footprint (600x900x1695 mm) to optimise the use of space and reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and a comprehensive range of communication tools, including EMD (Environmental Monitoring Device) which monitors all environmental parameters, ensuring improved operation, while the optional ModBus TCP interface enables communications with BMS systems.

Designed specifically to meet IT Manager’s desire for a considered option of an effective investment, with the security of a reliable protection solution but totally flexible and generates real savings throughout its service life.

To find out more about the new Modulys Green Power UPS, please visit:, contact Socomec UPS on Tel: 01285 863300 or email

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