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28 May 2012

C-Tec's Innovative Range of Dementia Care Products now available

C-TEC has launched a revolutionary and highly cost-effective range of dementia care products for use with its popular Quantec addressable call system.

Specifically designed to meet growing demand from the care industry for innovations to aid people suffering from dementia, Alzheimers and other degenerative illnesses, C-TEC’s enuresis (bed wet) sensors, bed/chair exit sensors, PIR power interfaces, floor pressure mats and LED lights, can be easily interfaced to existing Quantec systems and therefore represent excellent value for money.

The new range is incredibly flexible. Systems can be created for specialist dementia sites using individual QT630 controllers to operate an extensive range of dementia care devices in every bedroom. Alternatively, QT637 Enuresis/General Purpose Interface Sockets and QT638 PIR power interfaces can be used to connect devices such as enuresis (bed wet) sensors, passive infrared sensors and floor pressure mats to Quantec addressable systems already in operation.

Said Charlotte Manley, C-TEC’s Sales Director: “As the new range was inspired by our involvement in designing and manufacturing a powerful dementia care solution for a complex high dependency dementia care unit, we are confident that it will help fulfill the requirements of any dementia care facility, hospital or nursing home.”

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers of call systems and assistive technology, C-TEC’s products are currently protecting thousands of hospitals, care homes and medical facilities all over the world. The company has recently been nominated as one of the UK’s outstanding examples of manufacturing excellence in the Government’s prestigious ‘Made by Britain’ initiative.

For more information about C-TEC’s dementia care range, contact the company’s sales desk on 01942 322744.

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