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17 January 2012

New Addition to C-Tec's Dementia Care Range

C-TEC has added a floor pressure mat to its new and highly innovative 
range of Quantec dementia care products.

Designed for use in care facilities housing patients suffering from 
dementia, Alzheimers and other degenerative illnesses, the QT644 
floor pressure mat is typically placed at the side of a bed and will 
trigger a call if it detects foot pressure to alert staff to 
wandering patients.

With its tough durable PVC finish and non-slip rubber base, the mat 
trades at just £77.40 and can be connected to C-TEC’s Quantec 
addressable call system via a QT637 Enuresis/general purpose 
interface socket or the remote jack socket on a QT602 master call point.

Said Andy Green, C-TEC’s Marketing Manager: “C-TEC’s new dementia 
care products have been designed to radically improve the quality of 
life of dementia sufferers and the new pressure mat is a welcome 
addition to the range. Not only does it alert staff to wandering 
patients, but it can also identify changes in behaviour that may 
indicate that a patient’s condition is worsening.”

The range also includes enuresis (bed wet) sensors, bed/chair exit 
sensors, PIRs and LED lights, all of which can be easily interfaced 
to existing Quantec systems, thus representing excellent value for 

Since its inception in 1981, C-TEC’s reputation as a manufacturer of 
world-class life-safety equipment has soared.

The company’s fire alarm control panels, voice alarms and disability products are currently protecting thousands of people worldwide and it has recently been nominated as one of the UK’s outstanding examples of
manufacturing excellence in the Government’s prestigious ‘Made by 
Britain’ initiative.

For more information, please contact the company’s sales desk on 
01942 322744.

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