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A Day Deerstalking

16 August 2013

Or, Observations from the Osteopath...

Yesterday involved a nice bit of osteopathic first aid.

Headaches described as migraines but that involve both sides of the top of the skull and are not accompanied by visual disturbances are not migraines but something called vertex headaches.

These can arise when the muscles of the scalp are under tension – like when a hairband is used too tightly or when someone carries a heavy rifle on one shoulder for miles.

The upper fibres of the trapezius muscle attach the shoulder girdle to the base of the skull. A shoulder bag of whatever load that is carried for a long time on one shoulder pulls unevenly on the skull and the reflex postural demand for levelling the eyes when walking means this load is transferred to the muscles of the scalp, frequently producing headaches.
So the first task of the day was to sort my guide’s headache out.

Sitting in a hide all day on a wooden plank, waiting for the deer, can be made so much more comfortable using a cushion – though obviously so much less manly- remember: any idiot can be uncomfortable.

Wedging of the sacrum and innominate bones of the pelvis can give you a constant backache and was sorted using the tailgate of the Range Rover, as was the problem that arose from sitting bent forward for hours as the arch at the bottom of the back was straightened and the soft tissues strained.

Deer stalking on this showing is forty years behind fishing, where polarised sunglasses allowed the angler to see the fish in their natural environment as never before. Land management needs thermal imaging.

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