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Smoke and dust.

23 September 2013

All fluids return to the thorax and exit via the heart.

The systems concerned, blood and lymph, are hydraulic - with all that implies for continuous flow. This allows these fluids to be considered tissues in their own right.

The interplay of thoracic and abdominal pressures involved in breathing boost return of fluids to the lungs.
The greater the volume of blood returning to the heart, the greater the efficiency of the Starling mechanism and so the work needed to maintain blood flow is decreased. Within physiological limits.

Blood pressure (as measured in the limbs) and pulse (rate and volume) are both affected by breathing rates.

Fixed rigid ribcages reduce the flexibility of the system returning blood to the heart, reducing the ability of the body to adapt.

Industrial man suffered a high rate of heart attacks, probably because of the high volumes of dust inhaled at work and the acceptance of smoking.

A keynote speaker for the American tobacco industry once put it this way:

" Our products kill half a million Americans a year. Industrial man is giving up smoking. We need to target (our advertising) at the women and children."

Any country claiming this would be a radioactive wasteland...

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