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Core exercises and back pain

08 October 2013

We often get asked how to cure back pain or what causes back pain.

As you can imagine, if you know what causes a problem you’ll have a better chance of sorting it out.

No-one claims cure. If they do it’s in the special sense of “Sorted, until you damage yourself again”.

Surgeons DePalma and Rothman, in their book “The Intervertebral Disc” analysed the effects of pages of exercises and came to the conclusion that the best exercises for people with back pain were sit ups and leg raises, as the body remained untwisted and the bulk of the active work was done by the abdominal muscles not the muscles of the back.

Exercise strips you down and rest builds you up, up to a point. Exercising a sore back can make things worse so tempering the need for movement is important. If a joint doesn’t work properly the muscles overwork. The osteopath usually loosens the affected areas to reduce the strain.

Funnily enough that lets patients exercise more.

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