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KAISER+KRAFT launch new web-shop

14 January 2014

Workplace equipment & supplies specialists KAISER+KRAFT have launched a new online web-shop with a new design, new helpful functions and a friendlier user interface.

In addition to the revamped design, KAISER+KRAFT have incorporated some great functionality including clear navigation, view selection, automatic re-loading, quick ordering, product comparison and wish list.

Clear navigation enables sub-categories to be displayed when the mouse is hovered over the main product categories.

View Selection can be customised to be displayed as a gallery, list or table.

Automatic Re-loading of Items, or "lazy loading", loads the following 12 items when you're close to the bottom of the current selection, saving time on loading the next page.

Quick Ordering of Service Items means that related products can be ordered quickly and simply from individual product pages.

Product Comparison enables product and price comparisons for up to three products for easy decision making.

Wish List can be created to e-mail to yourself or another person as a reminder of products that are of interest for future reference.

KAISER+KRAFT hope their customers enjoy the new web-shop as much as they have creating it for them.

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