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Is your warehouse up to Health & Safety standards?

06 August 2014

Every year there are numerous accidents in warehouses and logistic sites throughout the UK. Thankfully most are small and insignificant. However, unsafe racking could cost lives.

It is the company's responsibility to ensure that its warehouses are safe to work within and carries out regular annual independently audited checks by a SEMA qualified inspector to highlight areas that are unsafe. 

This is set down within the Health and Safety at work act of 1974. Failure to comply renders company owners and directors liable to prosecutions. 

Kaiser + Kraft not only design and install racking systems but can also arrange SEMA inspections.

KAISER+KRAFT are presently offering FREE SEMA inspections, (co0nditions apply). Contact us to find out why you need an annual SEMA inspection.

Contact us to arrange for a member of our logistics and warehouse team to visit you, or simply to seek professional advice.

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