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AXELENT X-Guard Classic Metal Mesh fencing from KAISER+KRAFT

30 September 2015

Workplace equipment provider KAISER+KRAFT are now supplying AXELENT X-Guard metal mesh fencing for mesh enclosures, mesh fencing, mesh security cages and other applications.

The new AXELENT X-Guard Metal Mesh Fencing range from workplace equipment provider KAISER+KRAFT, is ideal for work area partitioning and machine guarding to protect both personnel and machinery.

Designing mesh enclosures is simplicity in itself by sending photos or drawings, together with dimensions to KAISER+KRAFT, who will then work out the number of uprights, panels and doors required plus any accessories such as access control and safety switches. Alternatively KAISER+KRAFT will be glad to arrange a site visit.

Once a system is designed, KAISER+KRAFT will deliver for self assembly, or their experienced fitters can install your system for you.

X-Guard Fencing panels are a standard 1900mm in height and come in widths from 250mm to 1500mm.

Uprights are available in 2000mm or 2300mm height.

Doors are available either hinged or sliding, single width 1500mm or double width 3000mm.

All systems are designed in accordance with machine directives 2006/42EC.

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