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Working at height safely with KAISER+KRAFT

24 November 2015

KAISER+KRAFT have a range of products to help you comply with the Work at Height regulations 2005, from ladders and access towers to folding scafolding and bespoke work platforms.

Workplace equipment providers KAISER+KRAFT supply a vast range of products not only to help keep you safe while working at height, but also to help you comply with Work at Height Regulations. 

Products include aluminium folding steps, heavy duty aluminium folding steps and multi purpose folding steps from £46.80 to £118.80 including VAT.

A range of four ladders from £76.80 to £322.80 including VAT include an aliminium safety ladder, single sided access folding step ladder, professional rung ladder and aluminium step ladder with large storage tray.

Other products include telescopic work platforms, professional folding scafolding and access towers.

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