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This week's catalogue returns from KAISER+KRAFT

27 May 2015

KAISER+KRAFT are offering this weeks catalogue returns at reduced prices until Friday 29th May.

Workplace equipment provider KAISER+KRAFT are offering their latest catalogue returns at greatly reduced prices until Friday 3rd 

May. The four items are on offer are a Key Cabinet, Workbench, Locker and Storage Cupboard.

The Key Cabinet external dimensions are 550mm H x 380mm W x 80mm D and comes in light Grey with 100 hooks, key index booklet and a 

cylinder lock with 2 keys prepared for wall mounting. Was £109 now £35 ex shipping.

The Stainless Steel Workbench dimensions are 1200mm L x 750mm W x 840mm H with a worktop thickness of 30mm and maximum load 

capacity of 350kg. Made of Nickel Chrome Steel 14301 and fitted with cupboard, drawer and full size shelf. Scratched and damaged 

during transport and prolonged storage period. Was £1405 now £450 ex shipping.

The 9 Compartment Locker overall dimensions are 1255mm H x 1150mm W x 540mm D with compartment dimensons of 336mm H x 320mm W x 

460mm D, welded shjeet Steel with body and doors finished in light Grey, plinth height 100mm with 30mm adjustment, doors with 

cylinder locks and Beech finish top cover. Minor dents to side panel. Was £1178.00 now £400 ex shipping.

The Storage Cupboard dimensions are 1950mm H x 950mm W x 420mm D and maximum load capacity of 300kg, Stainless Steel finished in 

light Grey, Torsion resistant doors, cylinder lock with 3 bolt mechanism, height adjustable Zinc plated shelves. Major dents to 

front and back. Was £199.Now £20 ex shipping.

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