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The Evaporative Humidifier is Launched

06 November 2008

JS Humidifiers has enhanced its reputation for low energy humidifiers with the launch of the HumEvap MC3 evaporative humidifier.

Energy consumption is 150 times lower than electric steam humidifiers with correspondingly massive reductions in CO2 emissions. The new humidifier also incorporates improved control and innovative hygiene features.

The HumEvap MC3 is located inside a duct or AHU and humidifies by passing the air through a wetted fibre matrix. It is suitable for any size duct and can deliver huge volumes of moisture to an atmosphere with very close control and runs on just 500W. This is in contrast to a steam system that can consume up to 75kW to produce an equivalent output. The HumEvap MC3 also has the added benefit of providing up to 12oC evaporative cooling to the air being humidified, further reducing a building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The HumEvap MC3 incorporates a PureFlo Ag+ silver ion dosing system that prevents the build-up of micro-organisms and bacteria throughout the humidifier. Unlike UV light sterilisation, it does not require a power source and there is no risk of bacteria being “shadowed” by particles in the water or bacteria forming as the UV bulbs reduce in intensity. The PureFlo Ag+ uses newly developed Agentosan technology, which self-regulates the amount of silver ions that are released into a water system and prevents over-dosing.

The humidification system is the only one of its kind to have obtained both WRAS and the VDI 6022(D) RLT Hygiene certification.

The control panel on the HumEvap MC3 can be situated up to 100m away from the evaporative module. It is compact in size and gives digital control over desired relative humidity and temperature levels of the air leaving the matrix. It also controls flush, drain and water quality maintenance features as well as operating times on a 24 hour, seven-day programmable timer. The digital display provides comprehensive real-time feedback on current relative humidity and temperature, demand, hours run, system operating status and whether maintenance is required.

Unlike spray or steam humidifiers, the HumEvap MC3 gives instant evaporation of the moisture being introduced to a duct or AHU so can be located in very short sections of duct without the risk of condensation forming on duct bends. It is also very easy to install as it has a modular design and is constructed within the duct with just three simple connections for water supply, drain and single phase power.

JS Humidifiers is the UK’s largest humidification company with the widest range of products and offers a service of advice, design, supply, installation and maintenance. It also offers a comprehensive range of humidifier spares, not only for JS equipment but also for a large range of different manufacturers’ humidifiers, mostly available ex-stock. 

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