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16 June 2010

JS Humidifiers is launching the new Neptronic SKS steam-to-steam humidifier.

The Neptronic SKS uses an existing energy supply of impure boiler steam or high temperature liquid through a sealed heat exchanger to create sterile steam suitable for air humidification.

The Neptronic SKS can provide up to 600kg/hr of steam to an air handling unit or duct from steam, high temperature hot water or high temperature oil. Using an existing energy supply to create the pure steam is much more energy efficient, and has a lower carbon footprint, than electric steam humidification. It is ideal for buildings such as hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other large institutions with steam or high temperature liquid circuits.

A scale management system within the humidifier helps reduce necessary maintenance. Scale that builds up on the heating elements cracks from the surface when the elements expand and contract during operation. This scale drops to a sloped surface at the bottom of the boiling chamber where the incoming water supply forces it into removable “scale trap trays”. The top of the Neptronic SKS has easy access, insulated panels, enabling the unit to be drained, opened and emptied of scale in minutes.

A patented Anti-Foaming Energy Conservation (AFEC) system accurately determines the presence of foam in the humidifier. Unlike other similar humidifiers, which regularly skim hot water to drain to combat foaming, the Neptronic SKS only drains to prevent foaming when foam is actually present. This saves expensive boiling water and reduces energy use whilst protecting the heating elements from damage due to foaming.

Other features of the Neptronic SKS include copper or stainless steel heat exchangers, humidity control to ±3%rH, a timed auto-drain to prevent the possibility of water remaining in the system and low temperature drain water at less than 60°C.

New Steam-To-Steam Humidifier

JS Humidifiers is the UK’s largest humidification company with the widest range of products and offers a service of advice, design, supply, installation and maintenance. It also offers a comprehensive range of humidifier spares, not only for JS equipment but also for a large range of different manufacturers’ humidifiers, mostly available ex-stock. 

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