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JS humidifies leading Data Centre

30 December 2009

JS Humidifiers recently supplied and installed at Dublins' Citadel 100, two Neptronic SKE resistive steam humidifiers and reverse osmosis water treatment systems.

The steam humidifiers can supply up to 140 litres of moisture every hour to help control the humidity around the 7,500m2 data halls and the water treatment systems remove most of the minerals from the supply water prior to boiling.

George McDonald, technical manager at Citadel 100, commented;

"We need to maintain 50% relative humidity in the data halls to prevent static build-up and maintain a healthy environment. Without the humidifiers the atmosphere can drop to 25%rH which is a risk to both people working in the area and the equipment. The humidifiers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 80% capacity. The Neptronic SKE humidifiers have performed well since they’ve been installed and we’ve been able to fit and forget them with absolutely no issues".

George continued;

"The reverse osmosis water filters have also been very effective. Previously we had to service the humidification system every one and a half months to empty to the limescale from the boiling chambers. This took about a day to do. However, with the reverse osmosis filters in place we only have to service the units once every six months".

The Neptronic SKE has 98% metal construction and has been designed to keep consumable components to an absolute minimum. The heating elements are made from scale-resistive Incoloy 825 super alloy, which when heated causes any limescale that does build up to crack from the surface in small manageable pieces. These are then mostly washed to drain during normal operation.

When combined with a PureFlo 100 reverse osmosis water treatment system, which removes 90% of the minerals from the supply water, the maintenance requirements of a Neptronic SKE are dramatically reduced as very little limescale builds up in the boiling chamber. This is in stark contrast to electrode boiler type steam humidifiers, which regularly require expensive replacement boiling chambers to combat limescale build-up.

JS Humidifiers is the UKs' largest humidification company with the widest range of products and offers a service of advice, design, supply, installation and maintenance. It also offers a comprehensive range of humidifier spares, not only for JS equipment but also for a large range of different manufacturers’ humidifiers, mostly available ex-stock. 

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