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Air handling units steam up with JS Humidifiers

20 February 2009

The Derby Quad, the new landmark arts centre in the heart of Derby, has recently been supplied with three Neptronic SKE resistive Steam Humidifiers from JS Humidifiers.

The humidifier installations were undertaken by electrical and mechanical services contractor, Balfour Kilpatrick

The humidity in the art gallery, art stores and cinema projection rooms, is maintained by the humidifiers, providing steam to the buildings' air handling units.

Recently opened at a cost of £11m, the Derby Quad also has a café, bar and workshops and provides a central hub for arts and culture in the region.

The technical services manager for Balfour Kilpatricks' Nottingham office said, "The Quad requires close control of air conditions, both temperature and humidity, in the projection room to preserve the film media, and the art gallery and art stores for the paintings. Furthermore, the relative humidity in the art gallery has to be maintained at a consistent 45-55% over the initial 12 months that the Quad is opened, in order to satisfy insurance companies’ requirements for the displaying of valuable exhibits".

The Neptronic SKE resistive steam humidifier offers very close control of humidity to ±1%rH when used with RO water and ±2%rH when used with regular mains water. The tight control results from the self-cleaning heating elements resisting limescale build-up and therefore delivering consistent heat to the water across any 24 hour period.

The humidifier is very compact, has a small footprint and a wide 5-80kg of steam per hour output. It has quality construction with very few spares required and no consumable plastic components.

Unlike electrode boiler type humidifiers, resistive steam humidifiers do not incorporate disposable boiling cylinders and are therefore much cheaper to maintain. The Neptronic SKE has a stainless steel evaporation chamber where the limescale collects after falling from the scale-resistant heating elements. The chambers have a lifetime guarantee and are easily drained, disconnected and emptied of limescale.

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