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Innovative Practice Between Government and Nonprofits from Around the World

11 August 2015

Rebalancing Public Partnership, based on original research by John Brothers and prominent thought leaders from the United States and around the world, explores the prevailing attitudes and perceptions of the non-profit sector towards government and vice versa, and provides advice and direction to help both sides towards effective collaborative working. Emerging partnerships need fast-track education on each other’s capabilities, constraints and working practice and this book provide some ver

‘A perennial question for nonprofits and foundations is how best to interact with, enhance and even transform the work of government in the pursuit of social good. This new resource from Brothers et al. gets to the heart of the complexities as well as the power of relationships between governments and the nonprofit sector in a way that can yield insights for all of our work.’ Kathleen P. Enright, President and CEO, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

‘Some of society’s most important work takes place at the intersection of non-profits and government - from service provision to scientific research to policy innovation. And as our society evolves, so must the relationships between government and non-profits.’ Jacob Harold, President & CEO, GuideStar

‘This book provides a rare and invaluable international analysis of this important relationship and should be compulsory reading for government and non-profit leaders.’ David Crosbie, Chief Executive Officer of the Community Council for Australia ‘

...a comprehensive picture of the charitable sector and its complex, often troubling and always dynamic association with government in the US and around the world.’ Diana Aviv, President & CEO, independent sector

Rebalancing Public Partnership brings a global perspective to the interaction of governments and nonprofit organizations in the making of public policy and delivery of services... Linda Gibbs, Principal, Bloomberg Associates

This is a timely overview of the current relationship between the non-profit sector and government in Trinidad and Tobago. The author provides valuable reflections on how the policy, and the legal and fiscal framework, could be improved in ways that would enhance national development, which is the common goal. Mrs Zalayhar Hassanali, Former First Lady of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (1987-1997

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