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21 February 2012

Velo Vietnamese Restaurant Select the Star Micronics TUP592 from DED for Integration into their Innovative Food Ordering Kiosk

17th February 2012. Armed with the vision to bring delicious eat in or take away Vietnamese food to Central London in a way that is clean, comfortable, fast and palatable, the Velo Restaurant in Tooley Street, London have created a unique and modern environment offering a seamless and unique system that is yet to be seen even in technologically advanced countries such as Japan. Visible and easily reachable by everyone, Velo offer light, fresh and simple food which has landed in the Western world with a bang!

Touch screens are at the heart of the sleek ordering process at Velo, offering an efficient and easy to use system alongside an equally straightforward loyalty card scheme: VeloCard. VeloCard is a no nonsense bonus scheme for Velo customers which also offers payment and top up options. The touch screen system is a complete end to end solution which facilitates the entire restaurant process from ordering to payment, to displaying the orders on staff touch screens behind the counter, to displaying the individual order items on kitchen displays, to displaying the order on pick-up displays for customers.

When it came to choosing a printer for integration into the Velo touch screen system, it needed to match the standards that were being set by the rest of the restaurant. Expectations were high when the developers of the touch screen ordering system contacted Star Micronics for their advice. Passing this project onto one of the UK’s leading Kiosk printing specialists, DED rose to the challenge by suggesting the Star Micronics TUP592 as the printer for the job.

A versatile, open frame kiosk printer, the TUP592 brought a lot of advantages to the table that the Kiosk developers at Velo loved. Nghi Nguyen, founder of Velo commented “We required a printer that was fast, reliable, could hold large paper rolls, had the capability to be integrated with our custom Kiosk software and could print custom designed receipts. The TUP592 ticked all these boxes.”

Being used for a variety of applications in this one environment the TUP592 is put through its paces daily as it is responsible for producing sales receipts, VeloCard top up receipts and clock in / clock out receipts for staff showing their working and break times. A feature that has really appealed to those at Velo is the large paper roll holder on the TUP592. Nghi goes on to say that their “entire concept and operation is geared towards serving high volumes of customers within a short period of time – the customer experience and ease of use of the kiosks are essential to this novel concept.” The larger paper rolls hold obvious advantages in this case as they need replacing less frequently.

The Star Micronics CB2002 cash drawer and the FVP10 front opening thermal receipt printer are also being used in the Velo restaurant at the staff manned counters.  Both have proved to be equally effective in their contribution to this innovative restaurant.

Based on the tried and tested Star Micronics TUP900, the TUP500 brings new features along with versatility to the kiosk printing marketplace. The TUP500 prints thermal receipts, tickets, barcodes and labels at the super fast speed of up to 220mm per second with the standard 15cm paper roll. The compact TUP500 offers an easy ‘lift and tilt' mechanism for hassle free paper loading of paper stock from 42 – 82.5mm wide and media of up to 0.15mm thick. Offering a versatile, open frame kiosk printing solution, the TUP500 features removable metal sides as standard so that the paper spindle holders or control panel can be relocated to meet the most demanding kiosk layouts.

Options on the TUP500 include a flashing paper exit guide/snout which flashes green to direct customers where to remove their receipt/ticket from and flashes red when the paper roll has run out. Another option is the 25cm paper roll holder for horizontal or vertical use. The TUP500 has an energy saving low peak current mode, a reduced top margin as well as a document capture/anti-litter mode for the internal storage of unwanted or forgotten output. Interface options include Ethernet, USB, Parallel and Serial and drivers for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 are available, plus compatibility with OPOS, Java-POS, Linux, ESC/POS.

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