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08 July 2008

As food manufacturers continue their drive to achieve greater product excellence, improve efficiency and reduce the likelihood of product give-away, METTLER TOLEDO’s Product Inspection (PI) division, is rightly considered as the market leader in leading-ed

Dynamic checkweighers are designed for integration into production lines for weighing products in motion, Mettler Toledo Product Inspection’s entire checkweighing product range is the result of outstanding technology and incorporates state-of-the-art weighing systems.

In addition to standard production models, customised solutions are available for a wide range of processing environments, with models achieving HACCP accreditation also available.

In the Mettler Toledo Garvens S3 Shark model, for example, designed for product weights of up to 6,000g, water build-up/contamination is minimised by avoiding level surfaces on the conveyor and weighcell supports. Round tubes are used exclusively on the horizontal sections of the frame and minimal contact conveyor support clamps and open frame construction facilitate cleaning. In addition, seam welding improves hygiene and reduces the risk of bacteria build-up, whilst the reduced number of support legs, self-draining framework, hygienically designed cable runs and additional “customer cable” duct combine to provide a flexible system specifically tailored to the user’s requirements.

In the Mettler Toledo Garvens S3 CombiChecker, checkweighing and metal detection technologies are combined into one unit. As the products pass through the CombiChecker, product weights are measured and metal-contaminated products are separately rejected by two pneumatic pushers or other rejecting devices. The terminal of the checkweigher displays weights, counter levels of the weight zones and of metal detection, and provides statistical information about production. The compact design ensures that the CombiChecker can be integrated into almost any existing production line. Its hygienic design facilitates cleaning and meets the stipulations for food processing industries.

Mettler Toledo Garvens S3 series Checkweighers are the result of continuing development in the field of dynamic weighing technology. Embracing proven quality, with new approaches to operation and flexibility, highly modular design is the basic asset of these state-of-the-art weighing systems.

The standard design includes a height adjustment device, reversible direction of transport and continuous belt speed control, whilst the modular concept of the S3 allows for ease of servicing and ensures that it can easily be extended by further options. Mettler Toledo Garvens S3 models are used for weighing products up to 6000g at a throughput of up to 400 pcs/min.

Mettler Toledo Checkweighers and CombiCheckers can be used with all packaging machines and in combination with the optional Feedback Control closed loop feedback control can be provided.

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