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Leading galvanizing project an over - arching success

10 April 2015

A leading galvanizing company has supported a long-standing client with the creation of an eye-catching steel canopy which has been installed at a school in Liverpool.

Garston-based Merseyside Galvanizing has partnered with Wigan-based Versa UK, a street furniture specialist, to help create an 8.5 tonne bespoke structure on behalf of Planit Architects, which forms a multi-functional-use canopy installed at the Archbishop Beck Catholic Sports College.

The project saw the plant called upon by Versa UK to galvanize the steel for the ‘Encore’ canopy, which is 3.7 metres tall and 10.2 metres by 12.1 metres in width, and forms part of an upgrade project overseen by Wilmott Dixon Ltd. The contemporary monopitch structure was commissioned specifically to create an alfresco dining area which can also be used as a covered amphitheatre for performing arts, and was designed to complement the modernisation of the main building and its overall surroundings.

Richard Smetham, Sales Manager at Merseyside Galvanizing, explained: “We were delighted to once again partner with Versa UK and help create a unique structure for the benefit of the students at the school in Fazakerley. The structure forms a focal point in the school’s recreational area, so it was essential the steel was galvanized to ensure it’s aesthetically-pleasing and protected from the outdoor elements for years to come.”

Ray Bishop, Project Manager at Versa UK, said: “We chose to have the steel canopy galvanised so we could achieve the highest level of longevity for the structure, and chose to have it galvanised by Merseyside Galvanizing with whom we have an invaluable and thriving relationship.

“Richard worked closely with us to provide technical support to ensure the structure went through the process without any problems, so a big thank you to Merseyside Galvanizing for a terrific job and the support received. All concerned were delighted with the finished product and the canopy is currently being enjoyed by the students of Archbishop Beck Sports College.”

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