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ETC ENiGMA reduces limescale at Hampshire Hotel

02 October 2012

Following installation of a ENiGMA from Environmental Treatment Concepts at the Old Thorns Hotel, in addition to reducing limescale, the electronic water descaler has also reduced maintenance costs and downtime.

Situated at Liphook in hard water Hampshire, the Old Thorns Hotel and Golf Course also boasts a Japansese Cultural Centre and Leisure Centre. Lime scale had continually built up within the complexes water system which needed to be de-scaled with acid every 3 months, resulting in downtime and inconvenience to patrons. The annual cost of de-scalling had reached £3,600

Improvements were clearly visible in the water system within 3 months of installing the ENiGMA electronic water de-scaler system from Environmental Treatment Concepts, with lime scale coming away from taps and other water fed equipment.

An ENiGMA was also fitted to the hotel swimming pool, reducing maintenance and chlorine use as well as other chemicals. Since installation throughout the hotel complex, maintenance and chemical usage has been cut by half. Bacteria counts of zero were also recorded in tests carried out on the swimming pools water.

Hotel General Manager, Gary Jones, was looking forward to saving £900 a quarter previously spent on acid de-scaling as well as being kinder to the environment.

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