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ETC success through R&D

07 December 2009

In 20 years of pioneering electronic water conditioning, ETC has developed a number of methods demonstrating the efficacy of their patented technology.

However, despite an overwhelming amount of evidence, many people remain totally sceptical. This remains the case, even though electron-microscope scanning carried out at the University of Hull conclusively confirmed that the coil causes calcium to be precipitated in the bulk of the water and not on a surface. Attempts at formal testing have been made, but nobody appeared to be capable of designing a test that could be used to demonstrate just what electronic conditioning is capable of, without taking months, using many thousands of litres of water, a great deal of energy and many hours of an operatives' time monitoring, recording and analysing the data.

ETC decided to bite the bullet and perfect its own test rig that would use minimal amounts of water and power and give results in just a few weeks. The objective would be to hone the operation of the rig so that constant and repeatable results could be obtained. The result – a test rig that is capable of creating significant scale in just a few weeks and also able to prove that the electronic descaler is capable of removing that scale over a similar period, using minimal water, energy and time.

Using a circular electric heater clamped around a 15mm copper tube, water is heated by maintaining the pipe wall temperature at 85˚C. The water is kept in the tube for a fixed time to heat water to 60˚C then replaced with fresh water. By measuring the time to heat the water from 20 to 60˚C it is possible to show that significant scale is formed inside the pipe (increasing the heat-up time) and that scale is then removed when the coil is turned on (reducing heat-up time). Once clear evidence of repeatability can be demonstrated the rig will be handed over to an independent organisation for an unbiased assessment of the descaling technology.

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