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ETC ENiGMA improves nursery heating performance

03 October 2012

An ENiGMA electronic water descaler from Environmental Treatment Concepts, helped to improve heating performance by reducing limescale at Applegate Nurseries.

Two Ruston Thermax 10 million Btu steam boilers provide heating to 1½ acres of greenhouses and ½ acre of poly-tunnels, where between February and November, Tomatoes and Chrysanthemums are harvested to supply local wholesalers, shops and markets.

The ENiGMA was installed at the nursery on the Norfolk and Cambridge border, as the cost of chemical treatment to de-scale the steam boilers was becoming prohibitive.

ENiGMA works by generating an electro-magnetic field in the pipe system where cold hard water passes through before entering the boiler. As well as preventing new lime scale deposits from forming throughout the system, ENiGMA gradually breaks down existing lime scale.

As well as reducing fuel costs by preventing the flame tubes from becoming insulated by a build up of lime scale, nursery owner Richard Cousins had also seen an improvement in the condition of the hot well.

During an annual inspection for insurance purposes, the testing engineer commented on the boilers excellent condition.

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