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UK Thermometer Business celebrates 25 Years of Innovation at Anuga

12 March 2015

Food businesses looking for innovative temperature solutions will welcome the arrival of TME to this year’s Anuga Foodtec in Cologne (24-27th March). Celebrating 25 years at the forefront of digital thermometer design and manufacture, this family-run, British business is heading to Germany to showcase its successful and expanding food temperature range.

Although new to Anuga, TME is no stranger to the international stage. MD, Tom Sensier: “We export worldwide and for 25 years our formula has been the same: high-accuracy, UK-built products, affordable but with a bespoke edge. We look forward to even more success in the future as we launch, in 2105, some of TME’s most innovative solutions to date.

Taking centre stage on the TME Stand (D-060) will be the MM7100 ThermoBar Scan Thermometer. Using high accuracy temperature measurement combined with an integral Barcode reader, this truly innovative thermometer records not only the temperature, time and date of each measurement but also scans barcodes to identify products or test points.

User-friendly features include:
• User-programmable alarms and remedial action recommendations
• Download of temperature measurements to PC via Bluetooth or USB interface
• Large screen displaying instant feedback on each temperature measurement
• Scrolling buttons allowing users to examine previous measurements
• Supplied with free open-source software as standard

For 25 years, TME has delivered continuous innovation: launching one of the very first microprocessor controlled thermometers; developing ergonomically moulded dishwasher-safe probe handles; launching one of the first button-free foldout thermometers and developing superfast 3-second response ThermaSprint needle probes. The same confidence extends to quality and service: TME is the only British manufacturer offering a Thermometer for Life promise. “In addition to our 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, TME guarantees to repair/replace any of our thermometers you damage for no more than £35.” TME visitors are sure of a warm welcome: “Anuga’s a great opportunity if you haven’t seen our products up close before, to pick up the equipment and give it a try. And we’re always happy to give free advice, so if you need expert solutions come and see us - don’t be shy!”

TME – When temperature matters. 01903 700651

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