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New Low Cost Temperature Testing Fights Food Bacteria

14 April 2016

Why spend money on different colour coded thermometers to fight bacterial cross contamination when there’s a more hygienic and affordable way to keep food safe?

This is the question posed by British thermometer manufacturers TME, who have developed a more hygienic, low cost method of preventing cross-contamination which is being demonstrated on their Stand H288 at Birmingham NEC’s Foodex 2016 (18th-20th April).

TME’s NEW CA2005 Temperature Range features a single high performance thermometer combined with interchangeable colour coded food probes, sufficiently waterproof to clean in a ware washer. Colour coded food safety Testing core food temperature obviously requires direct contact so it’s not surprising that colour coded food thermometers are also used – like colour coded knives and chopping boards – to prevent the spread of bacteria from one food group to another. But at what expense – and are they really hygienic enough?

TM Electronics MD, Tom Sensier: “The old system of buying multi-coloured thermometers just isn’t financially sustainable – not for the customer or even for the supplier who is expected to stock all the colours of the rainbow! And what’s the point of reducing cross contamination if you can’t make sure the needle probe itself is sterile? With our new system it’s only the probes – a low cost item - which ‘change’ colour – and because they’re completely waterproof you get a much more hygienic result.”

CA2005 Temperature Range TME’s new colour coded temperature range offers a single IP67 waterproof thermometer with a choice of colour coded, high accuracy probes – delivering an impressive 3 second response. Each probe is fitted with a thermocouple mini plug so it’s easy to switch between food groups and - most important of all - the probes are dishwasher-safe for ease of cleaning and sterilisation.

Affordable Food Hygiene More hygienic than using conventional colour coded pen thermometers which are only splash-proof - the new system is also much cheaper at just £15 a probe, making them inexpensive to replace plus you can buy as many or as few as you like – and only £55 for a long-life thermometer tough enough to stand up to the rigours of any commercial kitchen. “The CA2005 system is designed to bring easy to use, high performance thermometers within all budgets, helping both individual businesses as well as the multiples to up their hygiene ratings without having to spend a fortune.”

Colour Coded Wall Storage Or why not kit out your whole kitchen with everything you need and for a lot less money too? TME’s CA2005-PKW kit gives you the thermometer, six colour coded probes and a stainless steel colour coded wall storage unit – all for an unbeatable £144. “EHOs are bound to approve of our colour coded wall unit for safe and convenient storage of thermometer and probes, keeping everything in one place and providing staff with immediate visual guidance on cross contamination colour coding.”

TME – When temperature matters

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