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100 Birling Road
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Snodland Kent ME6 5DZ United Kingdom

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About us

Curley GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Ltd is a longstanding family-run enterprise with more than six decades of experience. We have been serving Kent, Surrey, and South East London by providing a wide range of materials, including Fibre Glass, Carbon Fibre, and Glass Reinforced Plastic, along with architectural mouldings.

GRP is an incredibly versatile material suitable for various applications. It boasts exceptional lightweight properties, durability, and robustness. Our GRP mouldings can be manufactured with either matte or glossy finishes, and they can also be tinted to match any colour or feature plain or patterned designs to suit diverse projects. These GRP mouldings excel in external building applications, offering exceptional weather resistance for both conventional and customised uses.

Our Products Include:

GRP Dentils
We offer a selection of three ornamental mouldings designed to fit traditional imperial measurements. These low-maintenance elements bring charm to both newly constructed and renovated rooflines. Plastic dentils and corbels enhance the aesthetics of eaves beneath the soffit board, adding decorative touches to homes.

GRP Finials / Spires
We provide a variety of Finials and Spires that we produce ourselves. Spires are placed atop houses to enhance the visual appeal of the roofline, and they come in different sizes, along with our selection of finials.

Door Canopies
Our Fibreglass Canopies and Porches are crafted to accommodate a range of entryways and have gained popularity among local authorities and Housing Associations. They are lightweight, resistant to rot, and demand minimal maintenance. Our door canopies encompass a variety of flat designs with lead-effect lids, as well as bay window canopies and lean-to-canopies with matching columns.

GRP Gallows
We offer a variety of designs for Maintenance-Free Load-Bearing Gallows Brackets. Simply send us your custom design for a complimentary quote, and we can produce them in any size you need. Additionally, we can provide replica versions of your existing products, including dentils, corbels, finials, gable ends, and more. Our gallows brackets are utilised to support porches, door canopies, and the undersides of bay windows, and they come with maintenance-free load-bearing certification.

Our columns are exquisitely crafted, possessing an elegant design, lightweight construction, and ease of handling. They find versatile applications in various construction endeavours, such as porches and porticos. To enhance load-bearing capacity, the columns can be reinforced by incorporating steel girders, timber, or filled with concrete at the core. This ensures that the columns maintain their aesthetic appeal without requiring maintenance. Moreover, we offer the option of custom-made columns tailored to your specific requirements.

All Other Products
We offer a wide range of intricate and ornamental items, such as Dentils, Corbels, Gallows Brackets, Coppins, Door Canopies, Porches, and Cornices. Additionally, we specialise in other areas, including fishponds, repairs for lorry bodies, roofing, industrial gutter systems, car body kits like Mini Body Panels for Mini 7 and Mini Miglia (complete fiberglass fronts, bonnets, boot lids, boot trays, and wheel spats), lift liners, and many more. All our products can be tailored to your specific requirements, so feel free to request a complimentary estimate. If you have a vision, we have the expertise to bring it to life.

Our adaptable approach allows us to align our work with the workflow schedules of any client. We are not limited to residential projects alone; for more than six decades, we have been providing supplies to the construction industry, extending trade discounts to all projects, regardless of their scale.

At Curley's, we take great satisfaction in our comprehensive GRP mouldings collection. As a prominent supplier serving the Snodland region, we possess the capability to transform and actualise our clients' designs into the finest-quality products. Our skilled team is equipped to handle a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from extensive volume productions to unique, one-of-a-kind commissions, all with an unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier mouldings.


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Curley GRP Ltd

Great business to deal with for anyone looking for dentils. Would highly recommend.


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