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Risk and Challenge for Playbuilder Play Areas

22 June 2009

To meet the growing demand for providing challenging opportunities for Playbuilder play areas, Proludic have introduced two new product ranges.

The Clamber Boulders and Summit Nets range make excellent additions to both natural and urban play areas. They also meet the Playbuilder / Playpathfinder agenda, as they are designed specifically for the 8-13 age group.

Clamber Boulders
These 3 dimensional rock structures challenge children’s strength and climbing abilities. For older children they also provide a great area to meet up and chat with friends. The natural look and rugged features of the rock compliments both urban and rural areas. The outer shell of the boulders is made from a curved handmade polyester resin skin that is sprayed with a sand/resin mix. This means the boulders are strong yet lighter than other types of boulders on the market. The material is also weather resistant, easy to clean and requires little maintenance.

There are 4 clamber boulder options within the range; these are Brecon Beacons, Scafell Pike, Snowdon and Ben Nevis. All 4 of these options range in height, enabling customers to find the right size boulder to ft into their play area. Ben Nevis is the biggest boulder with an impressive free fall height of 2.3 metres. The clamber boulders all conform to European Safety Standards EN12572 for artificial climbing structures.

Summit Nets
The brightly coloured climbing nets have become a favourite item for many play areas. They provide centre piece structures that children love to explore. It is through climbing that children develop motor skills and learn their own capabilities in terms of risk and challenge. The Summit nets are available in 4 varying options, enabling them to suit a wide age range.

They are available in 4m high, 4m high twin, 5m high and 6m high structures, providing varying levels of risk and challenge. Each net is constructed with braided nylon rope and reinforced with steel wire. This ensures they are of the highest durability and will not sag or stretch excessively. The summit nets all conform to European Safety Standard EN1176 for playground equipment and are also TUV accredited.

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