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Play Without Limits: A Closer Look at our NEW 2024 Play & Sport Equipment

15 March 2024

In a ground-breaking move towards further inclusive play experiences, Proludic, a leading innovator in recreational play and sports equipment, has introduced its much-anticipated line of Inclusive Kanopé Towers for 2024.

These towers mark a significant leap forward in creating playgrounds that cater to the needs of all children, including those with mobility challenges.

Proludic has long been recognised for its commitment to designing outdoor play solutions that promote physical activity, social interaction, and inclusive participation. With the unveiling of the Inclusive Kanopé Towers, the company continues to set new standards for accessibility and engagement in play environments worldwide.

Inclusive Kanopé Towers
The highlight of Proludic’s latest offerings is the introduction of the Inclusive Kanopé Towers, a revolutionary addition to the company’s inclusive playground equipment range. These towers are meticulously crafted to provide an inclusive play experience for children of all abilities. Featuring accessible ramps, sensory panels, and interactive elements, the Inclusive Kanopé Towers encourage cooperative and imaginative play while fostering social interaction among children.

The Market – J49147
In addition to the Inclusive Kanopé Towers, Proludic has unveiled its latest innovation, The Market, a dynamic role-playing and sensory unit designed to ignite children’s imaginations. Drawing inspiration from traditional marketplaces, The Market offers children a multi-sensory experience where they can engage in pretend play, sensory exploration, and social interaction.

The Rice Field – J49148
Adding to the excitement is Proludic’s latest innovation, The Rice Field, a captivating water play product that promises to revolutionise play spaces. Drawing inspiration from the tranquillity and beauty of rice fields, this immersive water play feature invites children to engage in sensory exploration and imaginative play while staying cool and refreshed.

The Straw Hut – J4942
Designed with inclusivity in mind, The Straw Hut provides accessibility for children of varying abilities, ensuring that all can participate in the fun. Its thoughtful design includes wide entry points and ample space for maneuverability, accommodating children with mobility challenges and promoting social integration among peers.

The Labyrinth – J38712
Proludic’s innovative Diabolo unit, aptly named “The Labyrinth,” is a sensory and interactive playground feature designed to captivate children’s imagination while promoting physical activity and cognitive development. Inspired by the timeless allure of mazes and labyrinths, this dynamic structure combines playfulness with learning opportunities. This creates a multi-dimensional experience for children of all ages and abilities.

Kanopé Round Tower – J56008
Enter the realm of Proludic’s Kanopé Inclusive Towers, where the round tower stands as a symbol of inclusivity and innovation. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this structure embodies accessibility and fun in equal measure. Crafted with wider platforms, the round tower invites children of all abilities to engage in play without constraints. Its sensory-rich elements captivate the imagination, providing a stimulating environment for exploration and discovery.

If we’re still not tempting you into the world of play, you can find more of our new play and sports products on our website or alternatively, order your FREE 2024 catalogue today.


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