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Ludic’ Area from Proludic - The future of Adventure Play

02 October 2009

Proludic unveiled the international launch of Ludic’ Area at this years' SALTEX exhibition.

This ground-breaking concept has the potential to shape the future of adventure play and introduces a look beyond the notion of the destination park.

All too frequently, we look back for inspiration into what makes a good adventure play area and all too often we think back to what we did when we were children. The reality is that times have changed and the play equipment and play experiences available to todays' children are far in advance of what they were, ‘when I were a lad’.

Ludic’ Area provides a full mix of play experiences designed to provide adventure play for the 21st century.  Comprising an innovative combination of new products and services, it offers a wide range of unprescripted and educational play opportunities.

Ludic’ Area includes a new range of themed towers measuring up to 7.6 metres tall that are linked by a system of platforms, bridges and slides. Other new items include the Musical Kiosk, which provides a bandstand where users can join together to create music tuned to a musical scale. Sand and water play units bring the parent and child together to share experiences, helping to strengthen family ties.  A new range of mazes with interchangeable panels create sustained interest and add a unique feature to the play area.

Modern materials and modern design, mean that Ludic’ Area provides the maximum play value that will stand the test of time. Ludic’ Area brings people together and has the ability to become a focal point of the town, promoting multigenerational play and interaction. Individual items or groups of items can also be used to bring a new dimension to an existing play area or create ‘kerb appeal’ on a smaller project.

It is true that the freedom to roam, explore and discover has changed for many children and the fear of risk has resulted in many being denied the opportunity to engage in ‘adventurous play’. Let us not make this an excuse to try to re-create the adventure play environments of yesterday.  Let us look forward, think big and provide something new.

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