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Pease Park - Wakefield

04 November 2010

Proludic worked with Wakefield to regenerate and install a range of exciting fixed play equipment in the centre of a family housing open space

Construction work was started in February 2010 and completed with a launch event in May 2010.


The previous equipment in the park had caused some antisocial behaviour which had upset and caused complaints from nearby residents; it was therefore removed and left residents with no provision or facilities.

The main aim was to enable children to use their imagination and experience different challenges and adventures. This would help to combat the antisocial behaviour by creating equipment that children of all ages can enjoy and also keeping them engaged and informed in the process.


The need for a new play area in Pease Park was identified by the Pontefract Community Partnership. A steering group was set up with the objective of providing a better use of space for the whole community.

Local community consultation aided this and comments from schools, parents, children and residents were taken into consideration when the plan for the new park was drawn up.


Based on this evidence Proludic helped design an attractive environment for outdoor recreation with a range of new facilities including seating, football posts and a high quality inclusive play area.

Toddlers, juniors and teenagers were crucially given their own zones and equipment to use. This and the fact that the park is now centrally located in the space has seen a reduction in antisocial behaviour.

The children have become so enthused with the project that they are putting forward their ideas to improve the area further with a planned phase 2.
The phase 2 project is scheduled to commence in September 2010 and is being funded by WREN.

“I was delighted to be able to work with my home local authority on Proludic’s first project for Wakefield. The design brief was clearly defined by the meaningful consultation that had been carried out with local residents and it has been extremely satisfying delivering a play area that not only met but exceeded their expectations.” Paula Appleton, Regional Sales Manager

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