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New High Temperature Laminates from Vulcascot

23 September 2008

A number of new high performance laminates have been launched by Vulcascot Limited, the rigid and flexible electrical insulation specialists working closely with Isovolta in Austria.

Vulcatex Isoval TM G11is an epoxy glass sheet with a maximum working temperature in excess of 180oC. The fine weave cloth used to support the sophisticated high performance resin system enables perfect machinability even for the most intricate components.

Another innovative new material is FR4-HF-D, a fire retardant laminate with good mechanical and electrical characteristics. With halogen free properties and an operating temperature of 180oC this is a superb insulation material for sub surface applications.

Tony McCrisken the Vulcascot Electrical Insulation Product Manager explains that, “these new materials have been carefully developed by Isovolta in conjunction with the Vulcascot product team who are already uncovering new applications for the products”.

The third material in this quartet of new products is a unidirectional epoxy glass laminate. Vulcatex Isoval HR820L is produced from a uni directional glass using a halogen and heavy metal free epoxy resin system. This new product is ideal for the production of leaf springs and insulators for steel rail fish plates and also for signalling systems.

Vulcatex AS is a Class B epoxy glass laminate with an anti static surface on either one or both sides depending on individual customer requirement. Developed specifically for the printed circuit board test industry this new material is available in a variety of standard thicknesses to suit most industrial conditions.

Vulcascot also offer a comprehensive range of Isovolta prepregs to suit most industrial and niche applications in either slit or full width sizes.

In stock at any of their six branches Vulcascot has cotton phenolic sheets in medium and fine weave and a wide range of paper phenolic and epoxy sheet grades.

A 24/48 hour cut panel service supported by a complete fabrication service is also available.

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