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CND World Summit Jan 2013

21 February 2013

January 14th thru 16th saw CND hold their largest World Summit ever with nearly 350 attendees including International CND distributors, domestic distributors and all the US CND Education Ambassadors including International Team CND.

Samuel and Samantha Sweet of Sweet Squared, exclusive CND distributor partners for UK & Ireland were there in force taking along 3 members of the S2 team, Helen Gilmore Marketing Manager, Kaire Rosin-Black Purchaser and Debbie Davies Education Manager.  Also on hand were Kelly Winterburn, Fee Wallace and Amanda Fontanarrosa all members of the exclusive Team CND.

It was an incredible week dedicated to unlocking the power of the CND Queendom, rolling out new product innovation and building power partnerships!  Amazing new videos were showcased, inspiring presentations given and of course... A party on the final night!!!

The ‘party’ was a beautiful sit down dinner and awards presentation where Education Ambassadors and Distributors alike were honoured.  Four awards were given out to International Distributor partners, with Sweet Squared winning an award for 'Advancing the State of the Industry'! 

Both Jan Arnold (cnd Co-Founder and Style Director) and Sennen Pamich (President of Colomer North America) honoured Sweet Squared by saying 'Nobody honours the nail professional and industry as a whole more than Sweet Squared. The fact that they have done what they have done in 5 years is simply phenomenal.  They truly Serve the Pro!!'.

Samuel Sweet made a wonderful speech closing with "when nail professionals ask me 'what can CND do for me?' I respond with 'I'm just a nail pro from Salt Lake City, Utah, and look what it's done for me!!"

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