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Wedding Belles

12 February 2016

Hats at the ready!! Sweet Squared is in a delirious and romantic mood and so happy to announce the first wedding collection designed by glitter queen Maria Cientanni of Lecenté Glitters.

Just in time for the spring/summer wedding season these four show-stopping glitters will ensure every aspect of the bride’s look will shine. 

Perfect for brides on their wedding day as well as brides-to-be, these glitters are sure to complement an engagement ring and ensure hands are ready for their close-up!

The collection is made up of a trio of stunning pearl white Stardusts with delicate hues of blue, red and lavender as well as a decadent shattered glass effect glitter for brides wishing to make more of a statement.

Exclusive online pre-launch on the 27th February.
Officially launching at Professional Beauty and Sweet Squared on the 28th February.

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