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Waxing isn’t off the cards for expectant mums

29 June 2017

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), more babies are born in late September and early October in England and Wales than at any other point of the year.

With a large number of heavily pregnant women currently in their final trimester, salons can ensure they not only retain waxing clients, but also gain new ones.

Although the likes of paté and runny eggs might be off the menu for mums-to-be, waxing isn’t. Trish O’Brien, Head of Training and Co-Founder of Waxperts Wax, advises salons that by offering tailored treatments and packages, they can assure clients that waxing throughout pregnancy is possible.

“Waxing during pregnancy is perfectly safe”, says Trish. “Regular clients, who have always waxed, shouldn't stop when pregnant. A pregnant client who would normally shave or use hair removal creams, but with a big tummy to contend with towards the end, can find it’s a much easier solution to get waxed.”

Accommodating pregnant clients is important. Trish continued, “Depending on what area is being waxed, it’s advisable to allow a little extra time for the treatment of someone who is pregnant. Your client’s flexibility and mobility might be restricted and they may not be able to hold certain positions for treatments such as bikini waxing comfortably for too long, so mini breaks to adjust and stretch back out might need to be accommodated for. Bear in mind that pregnant clients should also remain propped up so the weight of the baby bump doesn’t press down on a major blood vessels and cause dizziness.”

Trish advises that only hot, peelable wax should be used for bikini waxing. “Hot wax is a given for bikini waxing on all clients but particularly important for pregnant ladies as there is increased blood flow and sensitivity to the bikini area. Therefore the gentler the treatment, the better, and this is what you will get with a good quality hot wax and a good therapist.” says Trish.

A great way to highlight your pregnancy waxing treatments is to have a specific ‘mum-to-be’ section on your treatment menu. “Calling out those treatments suitable for expectant mothers or packaging them together can help to not only reassure existing clients they can continue as normal, but also promote the treatments to those more used to using a razor”, continued Trish. “Highlight the benefits of waxing during pregnancy including the longevity of being hair free and getting the helping hand of an expert to reach those parts of the body that aren’t easy to get to anymore. It’s not just the bikini area either – reaching over an ever expanding bump to get to your legs can be a challenge!”

Waxperts Hot Wax is the perfect wax for expectant mothers. A high quality wax with a lower melting temperature than most other waxes means it causes little or no redness. Used as part of a system with Waxperts Pre-Wax Oil, which creates a barrier between the skin and the wax, a comfortable waxing treatment can be carried out. The whole Waxperts Wax range is lavender and chamomile based, including the pre and post oils that soothe the skin before, during and after a wax treatment.

Waxperts products and training are distributed throughout the UK by Sweet Squared.

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