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Manscaping comes to Sweet Squared

27 February 2017

When it comes to hair removal, it’s not just the female of the species wanting to boast groomed and hair-free bodies.

Now much less of a taboo subject thanks to body conscious celebrities and the popularity of being hair free in some sports such as cycling and swimming, the growth in male grooming is booming.

Responding to this growth, this March will see Waxperts’ exclusive UK distributors, Sweet Squared, launch the Waxperts Manscaping course to the UK through its dedicated network of Waxperts Educators. Covering hair removal from brows, ears and nose, through to the torso and male intimate waxing, the new course is dedicated to experienced Waxperts looking to gain the higher skill level and confidence needed to deliver waxing treatments to the surging male waxing market.

Trish O’Brien, Co-founder and Head of Training at Waxperts, said: “Whether to look and feel more confident in their appearance, or for career purposes - which we particularly see in professions in the sporting or entertainment arenas - waxing treatments continue to grow in the male beauty market. There’s been a real surge in the last few years and with it; demand has come from therapists to be trained in this specialised area.

“While waxing the likes of brows and legs can be relatively similar for both men and women (albeit, men’s hair is usually a lot coarser and more dense which takes a bit of getting used to if you’ve only ever waxed ladies), male intimate waxing is very specialised. As with female intimate waxing, technique and confidence are essential to carry out this treatment on men. The Waxperts Manscaping course guides you through step-by-step how to perform all areas of male waxing, both competently and safely.”

For further information on the Waxperts Manscaping course or to book, contact Sweet Squared on 0333 000 7000 or visit

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